Simplifying IT Asset Disposition

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Our focus is clear and simple: we deliver innovative, secure, and sustainable IT asset disposition solutions tailored to each client’s needs. With a commitment to environmental stewardship and data security, we provide innovative services that optimize IT asset management while minimizing risks.


Ensuring the protection of our clients’ data is our foremost objective. Through our secure data erasure and destruction services, we not only meet but exceed NIST 800-88 and regulatory requirements. Additionally, our certifications guarantee that materials are managed and disposed of using the most environmentally responsible methods available.


Transparency is vital in IT Asset Disposition, involving open communication and clear reporting. At ITAD Logic, we prioritize transparency, ensuring clients have full visibility into their IT asset disposition process. From consultations to reporting, we provide comprehensive, easily understandable information, fostering trust and empowering informed decisions.

Brand Protection

Our clients recognize this as a good basic foundation
and we surpass this to ensure integrity throughout
the process.

“Working with ITADLogic has been an excellent experience for Schreiber Foods. Our disposal costs were significantly reduced, and the turnaround time to receive profit sharing was greatly improved. The entire process of scheduling a pick-up, the pick-up process and receiving final paperwork/payment is easy and flawless. We are confident that our data is secure and will be destroyed effectively. It has been a great partnership.”
Glenn Verhaagh
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“ITADlogic freed up my time and made disposing of our IT assets and data simple. They built a program around our security and logistical needs and greatly simplified and strengthened our retirement process. We now have our large dispersed IT staff all on the same page and I greatly appreciate the peace of mind and confidence!”
Sue Murawski
Sr. Environmental Manager
“ITADlogic’s precise focus on ITAD for large organizations increases my confidence in working with them. Having worked with other ‘recyclers’ who dabbled in other tangential recycling streams, ITADlogic is much easier to work with and far superior.”
Paul Linzmeyer
Sustainability Leader
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